REST Services

The TrackRoad REST Services Application Programming Interface (API) provides a Representational State Transfer (REST) interface to perform tasks such as dispatching routes, geocoding an address, calculating distance, or creating a route. Transaction accounting is provided when you use the TrackRoad REST Services. For more information about billable and non-billable transactions for the TrackRoad REST Services, see Viewing TrackRoad Transaction Reports.

In This Section

Getting Started with the TrackRoad REST Services Get started with the TrackRoad REST Services.
Login Login to get access to TrackRoad REST Services.
Logout Logout.
Dispatch Optimizing 1000's of stops using multiple vehicles.
Geocode Geocoding and verifying addresses.
Calculate a Distance Calculate a distance from any point to any point.
Calculate a Route Calculate a route by specifying a series of locations.
Calculate Routes Calculate multiple routes by specifying a series of locations.
Credit Remaining Credit Remaining.