TrackRoad Web Services Web Services are a series of API (Application Programming Interface) that allow developers to consume services on our servers.  These services range from serving tiles to route optimization.

What is TrackService? routing API is a tool for route optimization and dispatching of multiple vehicles and multiple stops.  You may use API for routing thousands of locations, distance calculations, turn-by-turn directions and geocoding.  The routing features include intelligent dispatching for geographically dispersed vehicles, multipe/single region routing, multiple time windows, load capacity and time balancing.  Several dispatching modes such as "BalanceTime" and "BalanceLocations" can accomodate different scenarios and requirements.  For maximum efficiency and cost reduction when there are multiple vehicles, another mode "MinimumVehicles" maybe used to minimize the number of vehicles utilized.  Location types such as Start, Finish, Midway, MidwayDrop, LunchBreak, and ParkBreak can allow further customization for efficient routing. Whether you are launching a new web site or looking for a way to integrate route optimization and intelligent dispatching solution into your existing application we can help you with our TrackService web services.  For developers, we have provided the same powerful engine in the API that runs our auto dispatching and route optimization of . Now you can seemlessly integrate our routing technology into your application.
XML Reference The vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a computationally complex issue. There are also different variations to routing which require different approachs to solving the problem.  Our API helps hide most of the complexity that is inherent in vehicle routing and route optimization. And our logic makes auto dispatching and route optimization simple to use and easy to implement in your production environment.