Testing Your XML Request

The best way to test your XML request is to import it into TrackRoad.com.  This an intuitive way to visually check your route and make sure results are satisfactory before you move to your development platform.  The XML link can be found on Routing(Bing) page:

We have also written a small utility program to enable you to test all TrackRoad web services methods using your XML files.

Please download EXE from:

Download Test Web Services EXE

You may also download full source and executable:

Download Test Web Services executable & source

To send an XML request you must first obtain a SessionID using Login method.  Be sure to enter your Username & Password.

The above login request returns back a SessionID.  Be sure to copy & paste it into a buffer.  You will need this SessionID to use it in the Dispatch XML request.

Once you have obtained your SessionID using Login method, switch SOAP action to Dispatch (or any other method), click on Open XML to import your XML request.  Be sure to enter a valid SessionID, then click on Make Request to get back result;